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Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a martial arts that using a logic and scientific theory. It can be used for self-defense and physical fitness, is available for any person to learn. Wing Chun is different from other martial arts where the actions do not have to use brute force. The motion is focus on simple, direct and natural. It is easy to learn and apply. Students can enhance their speed, balance, strength, and combat skills through a series of Routine.


詠春是一套富邏輯和科學理論的武術﹐可用於自衛和強身健體﹐適合任何人仕學習。詠春不同於其他武術的地方在於其簡單的動作﹐不須使用蠻力。其招式亦注重於 簡單﹑直接及自然﹐容易學習及應用。學生可透過一系列的運動(套路)去增強平行﹑速度﹑調教身體每一動作及培養力量﹐和實戰的技巧。