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Hip Hop Dance

Do you see some young people playing locking, poping, breaking and wave in Tsim Sha Tsui? All of these came from Hip Hop dance or we call it Old School. It originated in the USA and now is very popular in Hong Kong. To enhance your body coordination and agility, playing Hip Hop Dance is a good choice. Our course teaches from basic movements which is suitable for any level of students.


相信你在尖沙咀海旁也常常看見一大顆年青人在跳鎖舞、機械舞、霹靂舞和電流等街頭舞,其實這些  Hip Hop Dance 或叫 Old School 的舞步起源自美國的黑人社會。別以為學Hip Hop Dance 只為追上潮流,其實它能幫助你協調身體和加強敏捷性。本課程由基本的舞式教起,所以適合任何程度的學生學習。