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Chinese Dance

Participants can learn the technique of Chinese dance and the understanding of Chinese rhythm. Chinese dance traces its origin to Chinese classical dance and folk dance. Evolved from Chinese opera, classical dance translates the melodious movement in terms of form, mood, strength and rhythm while folk dance is a legacy of primitive dance. As different ethnic groups (e.g. the Han, the Mongolia and the Zhong) from different regions have their own culture, religion and geographical features, their dances vary in styles and characteristics.


學生不但能學到中國舞的精髓,更能藉此了解多些中國的文化,特別是音樂節奏方面。中國舞源自中國傳統的古典舞和民族民間舞。古典舞來自戲曲,在形、神、 勁、律四方面演繹舞蹈的動態規律。而民族民間舞則是原始舞蹈的遺產,不同地域的民族如漢族、蒙古族、藏族等,因應不同的文化傳統、宗教及地理環境影響,衍 生出來的舞蹈皆有各自不同的風格及特性。