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Squash is a speedy, powerful and intelligence sport. This course teaches the basic drill of squash. It trains you muscle strength and ability to response. To provide more opportunity for those participants who completed the Elementary Training Course to go for further training. This program aims to cultivate the squash talent over the territory through training courses of higher levels and novice competition.


壁球是一種講求速度、力度以及智慧的運動。這個課程將會教授一些基本的壁球技巧。這項運動能使學習者的肌肉強健之餘亦能鍛練他們的反應。 為了提供機會給完成初級壁球訓練班的學員可以接受更進一步的訓練,本課程旨在透過訓練班、技術深造班及新秀賽,培育有潛質青少年成為新一代的壁球生力軍。