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Accessories Design

Accessories represent today an increasingly important dimension in the world; they are fundamental elements that define personality and individual taste.  They have the ability to change our physical image.  Apart from expressing the uniqueness of a style through accessories, they have always been objects which serve a basic function.  This course will be a “mini” practical workshop for you.


飾物自古深受人們喜愛,自製飾物其實已經風行多年,但是至今魅力未減,原因就在於箇中技巧不算複雜,如串珠利用基本形就變化出多種花樣,成就感十足。學員 可在實習過程中,掌握技巧,發揮固有潛能。本課程主要教授小朋友利用不同類型之手飾配件,自由地製作出自我風格之飾物,如耳環、手鏈或腳繩等,從而啟發他 們對DIY製作之興趣。