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Pronunciation of English words can be tricky because of the hybrid nature of English language.  However, the IPA as printed in most of the dictionaries will help grasping the precise pronunciation without difficulties.  This course aims at teaching children IPA symbols.  Classes will be activity-based so that the knowledge the children acquired can be consolidated in a more interesting way.  Children will need to bring their own dictionary.


英文混合的特性會令其發音出現混淆,但在字典上的英語拼音(IPA) 則有助我們掌握基本的發音技巧。本課程旨在讓小朋友認識英語拼音及其符號,學生只要自備一本字典,便能於課堂之中,以活動形式學習到英語拼音,更有趣、更互動地學習和鞏固他們的英語知識。